Tips for Contemporary Bedrooms

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Contemporary bedrooms are characterized by clean simple lines with an emphasis on comfort and function. They exude an atmosphere of calm and orderliness without being drab or boring.

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To design your own relaxing contemporary bedrooms keep these tips in mind:

1. Choose the right paint. The walls are the most visible element in the room and need to really stand out when other design elements are minimized. Whether you choose soft neutral shades such as sand, rain-cloud gray, and khaki or go for richer tones such as cinnamon, slate or pumpkin your walls should make a statement and they should be colors you love, not just what is popular. Before you commit to a color scheme, bring home a few paint sample cards to compare in your bedroom and even buy sample jars of paint to try on the walls before you purchase enough to paint the entire room.

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2. Select bedroom furniture with simple lines and understated details. Many contemporary designs feature dark finishes such as black, chocolate, mahogany or cherry. Sleek and compact furniture helps the room maintain a crisp uncluttered style. If you would rather not buy new furniture, try painting your pieces to match the updated look of your room.

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3. Loose the clutter. Purge belongings that you no longer want or need by donating them. The hallmark of contemporary bedrooms is orderliness. Find a place for everything and keep it there. The more items you can store out of site, the more tidy and organized your room will appear promoting the calm peaceful atmosphere you are going for.

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4. Showcase a few key accent pieces. Although you want to reduce clutter, you can still have a few accessories that bring a sense of style and luxury to your bedroom. These can include one or two throw pillows, a contemporary style floor lamp, or a throw rug with a striking pattern. Choose pieces that work with your color scheme and that go well together.

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