The Best Rated Yard Trampolines

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The Best Rated Yard Trampolines – When you limit your idea of exercise to simply cardio and or weights, you can get bored pretty fast. There are other ways to lose weight and really enjoy your workout, like bouncing on a mini-trampoline. Try this hot new trend to get in shape, you can jump inside or out anytime of day or night.

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1. Urban Reboundthe best tampoline 2

The Urban Rebound is perfect for fitness enthusiasts in a limited urban home or apartment. According to Exercise Equipment Advisor this mini-trampoline will improve your balance and condition and coordinate your muscles as well. This mini trampoline can be used in your yard or indoors. It can be used for low impact and high intensity workouts and has a roll bar and an instructional training DVD. It supports up to 300 pounds (136 kilos) and folds for easy storage and portability.

2. Reebok Rebounderthe best tampoline 4

Rebounding on a trampoline has been cited by NASA as, “the most efficient and effective exercise devised by man.” Rebounding improves circulation, lowers cholesterol and reduces stress and tension among many other health benefits. Rated as the best trampoline on the market by the, the Reebok Rebounder trampoline is appropriate for all ages and abilities. This washable rebounder includes a solid spring system, a 6-pin design and is easy to store. You just unscrew the legs and stow it away.

3. The Celeries

the best tampoline 5The trampoline most recommended by Dr. Morton Walker, DPM, a specialist in rebounding for over 25 years, is the Celeries. This rebounder has a sturdy steel frame preventing cracking and comes with a carrying bag, an instructional DVD, books and pamphlets plus an exercise routine. Made of weather resistant materials, the Celeries come with or without a stabilizer bar. It also folds in half for easy transport. If working out on weight machines is not your thing, use this as a healthy training alternative.

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