Modern Swimming Pool Design

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Modern swimming pool design certainly has come a long way from basic poured concrete and rows of generic blue tiles serving as a border around the top. Gone are the bland rectangles carved into the Earth. Modern swimming pool design has been elevated from additional backyard elements to true focal points of the home.

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Here are some elements of modern pool design that are setting the new standard along with some features you should consider incorporating into your next pool project (even if your budget won’t let you go as far as some of the examples in this post):

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Shapes of Modern Swimming Pools

Remember when having an in-ground pool simply meant placing the traditional rectangle wherever it would fit in the backyard? Well, modern swimming pool designers are doing everything they can to make sure you never remember pools that way again.

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Swimming pools are increasingly being designed around the home itself and are becoming the focal point of the landscape design. For that reason, shapes have begun to include squares and L-shapes that beautifully wrap around decks, patios, etc.

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The rectangle is still the most common shape, but even it has been modernized. Examples of this include slimming the pool down for a more sleek appearance that works really well in smaller areas or for those who don’t entertain often or have young children who would use the swimming pool very often.

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Elements of Modern Swimming Pools

The shapes of today’s swimming pools are not the only changes taking place. Modern swimming pool design has ushered in an era where the swimming pool is more than a place to do a few laps, but instead is a well-designed centerpiece of the home that is as functional as it is beautiful.

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The infinity pool has rapidly been gaining popularity over the last decade. An infinity pool is one in which the end of the pool appears to have no edge and the water appears to go on forever. The illusion is made possible by a small basin placed at the bottom of the other side of the wall to catch and redirect any water that overflows.

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Infinity pools are ideal for homes whose landscapes offer views that would no longer make the pool the main focal point and for landscapes that are on slopes so as to make the most of the overflow effect.

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Other modern swimming pool design element include permanent additions within the pool. These include swim-up bars complete with built-in stools that make it possible to enjoy a snack and a cool beverage without having to get out of the water.

modern Swimming Pool design 10

So, if you’re considering putting in an in-ground swimming pool, consider incorporating some elements of modern swimming pool designs to create a pool you will love for years to come.

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