Marvelous Dining Room Centerpieces

dining room centerpieces 1

If you’ve taken the time to design an elegant dining room, you want to keep it in great shape. This includes marvelous dining room centerpieces to use for special occasions. There are so many ideas for creating a lovely table setting, you just need to browse popular home magazines or the internet for some inspiration. Here are a few ideas you may want to try to elevate your beautiful dining room to a spectacular showplace.

dining room centerpieces 2

Use organic materials such as branches, pine cones or even tree boughs to create a lovely dining room centerpiece. You can put pine cones in a beautiful bowl the way you would fruit. You can try standing interesting branches in a bow filled stand and hanging crystal pendants  from the twigs.

dining room centerpieces 3

The crystal pendants will sparkle in soft candlelight. You can place a large candle in a glass bowl in the center of table and surround it with fresh pine or cedar boughs. This will not only look lovely, it will add a nice fragrance to the room. Another idea is to force bulbs in a bowl and place the bowl in the center of the table when the bulbs bloom.

dining room centerpieces 4

Use these ideas as a jumping off point for coming up with your own designs. Sometimes the best designs come from using beautiful things you already own in new and interesting ways.

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