Kitchen Design Trends

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If you are planning to update your kitchen, keep these four kitchen design trends in mind to create a space that is on the cutting edge of modern style and function. Eco-friendly kitchens that include high-tech appliances, colorful decor and multi-functional storage and cabinetry will help you stay in step with current styles.

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Eco-friendly – whether or not you believe that global warming is a concern, choosing kitchen design features that are made of environmentally friendly materials and appliances makes sense for your pocket book. Energy efficient appliances will save you hundreds of dollars every year by lowering your power bill. The same is true of dishwashers and washing machines that use less water to effectively clean your dishes and clothes. If you are replacing floors, choose sustainable wood such as bamboo or cork that since these species mature more quickly than hardwoods and can be more easily replaced in the environment.

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High-Tech – Stoves, ovens and microwaves these days can take the guess-work out of how long food should cook. Follow the instruction manuals to easily program your stove to cook your meal to just the right temperature for just the right amount of time. The same is true for small appliances. Set your coffee maker hours in advance of when it needs to be turned on, and wake up to a fresh cup of coffee without the wait. These latest appliances can also cook food more rapidly than ever before.

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Colorful – Bold colors such as black, white and silver are showing up in the trendiest kitchens. Pops of vibrant colors on counter-tops, as back-splashes and even as trims around cabinetry are also very popular. These colors can be bright orange, turquoise, emerald or any shade of your favorite color. Another choice is to go with all-over colors on your walls, just tone them back to pastel shades.

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Multi-functional – Kitchens today are used for more than preparing meals. They are the heart of the home and the central planning center for the family. Kitchen designs that are trendy have room for household organization including a family calendar, bulletin board and storage for keys, shelf space for house-hold binders, and even file space for warranties and appliance manuals. The kitchen is often where home-work gets done, bills get paid and secrets are shared, so make it a comfortable multi-functional space and you will be in step with the latest kitchen trends.

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