You can Have a Well Organized Very Small Kitchen

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A well organized very small kitchen can be just as exciting to work in as larger versions. Aside from obvious things such as avoiding dark colors and busy patterns, there are a lot of ways you can maximize the space and efficiency of the room.

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First, pay attention to the appliances that are used. Small kitchens require stoves and refrigerators that fit the space. You may have to shop more often, but it is worth the extra trips to the grocery in order to have enough space at home for preparing delicious and nutritious meals. One quick way to eliminate space hogs is to purchase an over the stove microwave in place of a range hood. Giving up having a dishwasher is also a space saver, especially if you can get everyone in the family to take a turn at this chore.

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Another way to create a well organized very small kitchen is to use  every bit of wall space possible without making the room look cluttered.  Add a spice rack on the wall space between the stove top and the vent hood or microwave. put cup hooks under cabinets for hanging utensils. You can even find small appliances such as coffee makers and can openers that can be installed under cabinets to free up counter-top  space.

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Inside cabinets and pantries, install lots of baskets, racks and shelf expansion units to utilize every square inch of space available. You can find racks that hold rolls of  plastic wrap and aluminum foil and even racks for pot lids. This makes it easier to find what you need when you open the cabinet. Drawers need to have dividers. Everything in your kitchen needs to have a home and you need to put everything in its place when you are through using it.

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Well organized very small kitchens have a cozy charm all their own as long as you keep them clean and clutter-free. Remember, you don’t need to own a ton of pots, pans and dishes to make delicious meals, you just need to find pieces that serve multiple purposes. Elegant, beauty, style and absolute functionality and comfort are particularly desirable in small kitchens. The kitchen manufacturer Snaidero has created quite unusual and beautiful kitchen designs that are worth a glance if you are seeking more ideas.

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