Fun Wallpaper Designs

fun wallpaper design 1

The old saying that “everything old becomes new again” is often true when it comes to home decor. Fun wallpaper designs are one example of this. One of the latest design trends is to update your home with faux patterns and whimsical motifs.

fun wallpaper design 2

Do you want the look of a brick accent wall for your living room, but think it would be too expensive? There is a wallpaper for that! Yes, you can buy wallpaper now that looks like a real brick wall. This is not the cheap fake-looking pattern from back in the 70’s, the newer version looks so real you would have to touch it to be sure that it was just an image. It also comes in a variety of colors. You can choose red brick, white brick or even light brown.

fun wallpaper design 3

Another fun wallpaper idea is to bring the look of the tropics right into your front room. You can find wallpaper that looks like bamboo, bark or even a wallpaper mural of a tropical rain forest. In Europe, a company called Pixersize offers a wide variety of wall murals created from enlarged digital photographs. You can choose from landscapes, city-scapes or even outer-space images.

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