Decorating Fancy Living Rooms

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When arranging fancy living rooms, you have to decorate with the right accessories and furniture. The living room is one of the most essential rooms in a house. The living room has to function as a guest reception area while retaining a comfortable atmosphere for the family to rest in and entertain. The living room should be beautiful, clean, well-organized and and exude charm. It should add value to a house and set the tone for the style of the entire home.

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When choosing furnishings for fancy living rooms, first consider seating. In order to give the impression of luxury and beauty, select chairs and sofas that have distinctive design details. Carved accents are quite striking. Also choose materials that are durable, luxurious and easy to maintain. Synthetic leather in dark brown or maroon is a luxurious choice. Microfiber furnishings are also an excellent option. Increase the elegance of your  living room by adding built in bookcases, display cabinets and end tables finished in rich wood tones. Even if you have hardwood floors, large carpets can enhance the appearance of the room. Patterned carpet with warm colors can add a luxurious feel to a living room.

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You should also consider your living room’s lighting fixtures. Choose fixtures such as a chandelier to create a classic and luxurious impression. Unique table lamps made of copper, brass or wood can also add flair to the room. Select bulbs that add  a warm glow to the room. Choose drapes or blinds that are easy to open and close to take advantage of outdoor light during the daytime and ensure privacy at night.

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Fancy living rooms usually tend to emphasize the warm classic colors on the walls. Crown molding and richly textured wallpaper can also take the room to a higher level of elegance. Wall decor should include fine art canvases or beautifully framed fine art prints. Add accent colors to the room with well chosen accessories such as pillows, vases and small sculptures. Healthy green potted plants can also provide a beautiful finishing touch for your living room.

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