Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

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Spending time outdoors is about so much more than swimming at the pool or grilling on the patio. No longer is outdoor furniture functional.

Modern design has made it possible to have complete outdoor living spaces that rival the environments in many interior living rooms.

Here are a few different common outdoor living space arrangements:

Outdoor Living for Two

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Whoever said loveseats had to be indoors didn’t know what they were talking about. Outdoor sofas built for two are the perfect way to spend quality time in the open air with the one you love.

Or you can use them to stretch out and get some quality time with your latest book.

Design elements such as vibrant patterns and upholstered in technologically-advanced UV-resistant fabrics helps ensure you will find something to suit your tastes and will be built to last.

Outdoor Living for the Entire Family

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If you need seating for more people, there are types of outdoor seating (both conventional and unconventional) suitable for large groups. Outdoor seating ideal for the entire family include large cabanas and outdoor sofa sets that will let you recreate your very own living room outdoors.

Depending upon the space available to you within your backyard, large outdoor seating can be arranged in a number of ways to be adaptable for entertaining large groups of friends or for more intimate gatherings with family members.

For example, include more individual chairs and chaise loungers if entertaining is your primary goal and, conversely, arrange sofas and love seats around a central table, fire pit, etc. for family-style settings.

Unique Outdoor Living Furniture

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There are also some pieces that are just plain unique, but still functional as outdoor living furniture that you would look forward to spending hours upon hours relaxing upon.

These include self-supporting hammocks that rest on a base and allows you to sway without the need for trees. So, no yard? No problem.

How about a cocoon-style cabana that allows you to burrow away and disappear from the world for your own private getaway? Cabanas are great for poolside placement, so you are never too far away from the refreshing cool water whenever you are ready to emerge.

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Not enjoying spending time outdoors could be because of uninspiring outdoor living spaces. Following the tips laid out here can help take your outdoor living spaces to the next level and get the most out of spending time outdoors.

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