Composite Decking Prices

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Adding a deck to your home can increase its value or bring the value down depending on the quality and workmanship of the deck. There are many options available for building a deck, but one of the best values is using composite decking. This is a man-made wood fiber product that is preferred by many homeowners for its durability in spite of its higher cost. Composite decking prices fall somewhere between the least expensive pressure treated wood and the highest price exotic woods that are weather treated.

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When considering the composite decking prices, keep in mind that the lumber materials are only a portion of the cost. You will also need to pay for permits and inspections, labor, transportation of materials, hardware for the deck, cement or other foundation materials, and landscaping when the deck is complete. You can save a considerable amount of money by building the deck yourself or having friends help you, but unless you are a skilled craftsman, the money you saved may not off-set the home’s depreciation in value if the deck does not look great.

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Once the deck is complete, you will want to invest in quality outdoor furniture, perhaps an umbrella or awning for shade, and potted plants for character and charm. Also, consider adding railings to really define the space. Your deck should be considered the same as adding another room to your house since it will be used as often as your living room in warm weather if it is done well. Composite decking prices should not scare you away from adding a deck to your home for its beauty and value.

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