Increase the Charm of Princess Bunk Beds

princess bunk beds 1

Your little girls can feel like real princesses, even if only in their dreams, with princess bunk beds for kids. These fairy tale inspired beds exude charm and femininity. They are a popular choice for little ones that dream of happily ever afters and fairy godmothers.You can help create a sweet extravagant room for your little princesses by providing a beautifully decorated room painted in pinks, lavenders and other lovely pastels. The princess bunk beds for kids will be the centerpiece of their fantasy world.

princess bunk beds 2

You can add charm and excitement to their princess beds by embellishing the headboard and foot-board with a lot of glamour. Use a hot-glue gun to attach vintage rhinestone costume jewelry, glitter stickers or glass bead accents in gracefully extravagant patterns. You can even spell out their names in glittering “jewels”

princess bunk beds 3

Princess bunk beds for kids are the perfect style for adding yards of lace, chiffon or tulle canopies and curtains. Hang a large ring draped in soft fabric from the ceiling over the top bunk and attach more fabric to create curtains around the bottom bunk. This will give each bed it’s own wispy bit of privacy.

princess bunk beds 4

Tie small bunches of pastel colored ribbons around each of the beds so that they flutter gently every time someone passes by. You can even add tiny bouquets of flowers to these ribbon streamers for an extra girly touch. Don’t forget to bring these ribbon accents to other parts of the girls’ room. Let ribbons flow down from the curtain rods or pin them to the walls in such a way that your sweet princesses can hang paper dolls, or notes from them.

princess bunk beds 5

A final touch for your little princesses’ beds is soft bedding, lots of lace and satin pillows and plenty of stuffed animal friends. Let your little ones drift off to sleep in their own little fantasy world filled with talking animals, magic potions and sweet dreams.

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