Best Color to Paint Your Room

Color paint your room 1

Your room will look beautiful when you apply the right color choice on the walls of your house. You will want to choose colors that suit the mood of the room. If you are painting an entertainment room, you may want to use bright colors such as red, orange or yellow, whereas a bedroom will probably call for more subdued colors. Just as important as the choice of color is the shade you choose.

Color paint your room 2


Light shades of color brighten a room and make it appear larger while darker hues make a room feel smaller and more private. You also want to consider what type of texture your paint job should be. High gloss and semi gloss finishes are easy to clean and give the room vibrancy. Satin finishes are soothing and hide finger smudges well. You may want to break out of the ordinary and choose a decorative paint technique to finish your walls with the look of marble or woodgrain or even strie.

Color paint your room 3

The color you select will set the mood for the room so be sure you choose a color that you love and will enjoy looking at for awhile since you probably will not want to repaint the room any time soon. The best color choice for your room is one that makes you happy.

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