Seven Excellent Garage Organization And Storage Tips

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Your garage is perhaps one of the most important parts of any house, especially if you own a car or any other vehicle. Although its major role is to protect these vehicles from various natural elements, it often becomes an irritating dumping ground for seasonal gear, cleaning products and tools making it an absolute eyesore for every homeowner.

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The following are some garage organization and storage tips that will help you take full advantage of this often underused and overcrowded space.

A Loft:

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If you have a smaller garage, you can make up for the shortage of floor space by going vertical. You can consider using the space above the ceiling joists as a storage loft, the height may be low but it can be like a small attic for you. Instead of erecting permanent stairs, you can use a retractable ladder to get to the attic to save some room. You can also install ridge vents that will help keep the attic space cooler.

Overhead Storage:

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You need to consider overhead storage if your budget does not allow you to build an attic in the garage. In fact, any overhead space just above the garage door or anywhere else in the room eliminates the need for a messy remodel by providing out of the way garage storage space. These suspended storage concepts are the best place to store items you seldom use such as holiday decorations.

Shoe Storage:

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In some houses, the garage door is also the main entrance to the home. A shoe storage cabinet within the garage can be a perfect solution to shoes piling up outside your main entrance. You can literally clear the floor of shoes with the help of a shoe organizer whether store bought or built in.

A Multipurpose Bench:

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Outdoor gear creates a lot of clutter in the garage and the best method to keep it organized is to place a long bench near or around the garage door.  A bench consisting of cozy seats, cubbies and hooks will remind  both adults and children to take of their shoes, coats and other accessories before they step inside the home.

A Slat Wall:

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Another great garage organization and storage tip is to convert one of the garage walls into a stall wall. You often see these kinds of walls in retail stores where they keep things off the floor but within easy reach of everyone. You can actually make a customized storage center with minimal effort by fitting different shelves and hooks into horizontal slots. A strong hook can easily suspend almost all items such as kids bicycles and toys as well as skis and lawn chairs.

Built in Cabinets:

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Built in cabinets will surely bust your budget but they are worth a try if you have enough funds to spend on garage organization. Floor to ceiling and wall to wall cabinets in your garage will help you to keep everything in apple pie order. This is the most beautiful but expensive way to make your garage organized and attractive.


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